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Course V: Advanced Course on Interventional Pain Management for Exam preparation


This is an advanced course on pain management adviced for further learning on pain management. This course is also for doctors who are planning to appear fellowship examination. This course is organized only for international docotors, when 2 doctors are applying together.

Course Duration: It is a five days training on Interventional Pain Management where stresses have been given to the practical aspects of advanced interventional pain management procedures, including hands on practice session on mannequin. Many of these procedures are not covered in most of fellowship programs in pain management.
There will be mock examination, practical examination on specially designed mannequin and viva examination. Most important aspect is preparing a pain physician exam ready for any pain fellowship examination.
Eligibility: He must have completed at least one year practice in pain management.

Schedule: The training programme is arranged 1-2 times per year. The date of commencement, details of course & course fees are announced well in advance.

Details of course:

Following Interventional Pain Management procedures will be covered in details, in mannequin practice and/or in live cases and with didactic lectures:
+Spheno-palatine ganglion block,
+Stellate ganglion block
+Gasserian Ganglion & Branches of Trigeminal Nerve Block,
+Cervical Dorsal Root Ganglion block,
+Cervical Facet Joint Block,
+Cervical epidural
+Thoracic Facet Block
+Thoracic epidural
+Supra-Scapular Nerve Block
+Intercostal nerve block
+Splanchnic Nerve block
+Radio Frequency Procedures
+Lumber Discography
+Lumber transforaminal epidural/selective nerve root block
+Lumber Facet joint/Medial br block
+Lumber Sympathetic block
+Sup hypogastric plexus block
+Sacral nerve root block
+Caudal neuroplasty
+Sacro-iliac joint inj/RF needle placement for SI arthropathy
+Percutaneous Disc Decompression (Discectomy)
+Spinal cord stimulator / Intrathecal Drug delivery system
+Ultrasound guided pain procedures

There will be Hands-on Mannequin practice session under image guidance on many of these procedures

**Didactic lectures to cover the above mentioned topics.
**Hands- on mannequin training. Practice on a human simulator (mannequin specially designed with a spine and simulated tissue).
**Adequate time for all the attendees to gain proper knowledge and hands-on practice.
**Live demonstration of few important cases.
**How to examine a patient with pain and decide any intervention.
**Plenty of time with faculty to discuss and clear doubts regarding interventional techniques.
**Ultra sound guided pain procedures.

Candidates will be ready for examination:
+MCQ mock exam.
+Viva examination.
+Practical examination.
+All registered candidates will receive study material, sample MCQs and notes for exam preparation before they come at course.
+One to one interaction with past examiners.

Course Director: Gautam Das FIPP is the ex-Chairman of India, Iran, Sri Lanka and Pakistan chapter of World Institute of Pain. He is the Director of Aesculap Academy Pain Management course where almost eight hundred specialist doctors of different speciality from all around the world have been trained in Interventional Pain Management.

Other expected Faculty Members:
Dr. Anand Kumar GS, FIPP is Associate Professor of Anaesthesiology and Interventional Pain Medicine at Sri Balaji Medical College - Chennai, India
Dr. Debjyoti Dutta, FIPP is Pain Consultant & Interventional Pain Specialist, Samabyathi: The Pain Clinic, Kolkata
Dr. Chinmoy Roy FIPP is Pain Consultant & Interventional Pain Specialist, Institute of Neuroscience, Kolkata, India
Dr. Shovan K Rath, FIPP is Pain physician, IMS and SUMS Medical College, Bhubanewar, India.

Comments: Seats are limited and registration will be done on first come first served basis.

Course language: English

How to Register: Send your short CV along with the following documents:
1. Copy of your highest academic qualification.
2. One passport sized photograph.
3. Residence proof (copy of passport is the best). Send all these documents by email for initial enrollment.

Send all these documents by email attachment for initial enrollment at: info@daradia.com
After enrollment we shall send the details of payments formalities. Complimentary shared accommodation will be provided.

Course fee:
Rs 22000 for Indians without accommodation (or, shared free accommodation at hostel). 900 USD for NRIs & Foreign participants without accommodation, 1500 USD with 6 nights' accommodation & airport transfer.
Govt tax (service tax) 15% is applicable.

Mode of Payments:
All the above payments should be made by cash, bank transfer or demand draft drawn in favor of "DARADIA, THE PAIN CLINIC" payable at Kolkata. Payments should reach at least two weeks prior to course at "Daradia, The Pain Clinic; Concord Tower, 2nd floor, 92/2A Bidhan Nagar Road, Ultadanga, Besides Coal India Rohini, Kolkata 700067, West Bengal, India"

Comments made by some of the participants of the advanced course and fellowship in pain management.
Dr. Gautam Shah (Orthopaedics and spine surgeon, Dhule, MH): I came here at DARADIA with only ozone nucleolysis in mind, but after attending the course my concept for pain management has completely shifted. I learned how to treat spine pathology without operating. I recommend each and every orthopedic and neurosurgeon to attend this course. It is a must for all of them.

Dr. Chetan Chhajed (Orthopaedics and spine surgeon, Ahmednagar, MH): My concepts regarding back-pain and it's management have been completely revolutionized, (as I cannot say only changed.) I would strongly recommend it to all orthopedic surgeons as well as others dealing with pain. I myself would definitely like to come back to learn more.

Dr. Vishal Bhatia (Orthopaedics and spine surgeon, New Delhi): There is only one word to describe this course-"EXCELLENT". It has totally changed my concepts about management of pain.

Dr. Kiran J. Jayswal ( Anaesthesiologist and Pain Physician, Surat, Gujrat): This is a wonderful experience of my life, up till now I had. What I learned I think may not be possible anywhere else.

Dr. Prashant Bajpai ( Orthopaedics and spine surgeon, New Delhi): I learned about Daradia through Internet & luckily go the opportunity to learn from one of the best in our country. The teaching methods were excellent; all questions were answered & doubts were cleared in such a methodical way that words are sufficient to describe the experience.

Dr. Jogesh Godbole ( Orthopaedics and spine surgeon, Baroda, Gujrat): This was an eye opener course for me. All practical aspects were covered very nicely. Detailed discussion of procedures helped me immensely in solving most of my doubts.

Dr. Subhash Chand ( Anaesthesiologist and Pain Physician, Siliguri, West Bengal): Learning Pain management here was far beyond, what I expected before coming this place....I shall be immensely benefited.

Dr. Dhaval Mehta ( Anaesthesiologist and Pain Physician, Baroda, Gujrat): I do not have any words to describe this course. It was thoroughly informative both theoretically and practically. I never expected that it would be such a wonderful experience before coming here.

Dr. Santosh Tripathi ( Neurologist and Pain Physician, Gwalior, MP): Nicely condensed, yet detailed course...best in the country...would advice all other to attend it.

Contact for Pain Management Training Course
Contact: You may send your queries at: daradiapainclinic@gmail.com regarding pain management training courses.

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