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Introduction to Pain Management

Two weeks Aesculap Academy Pain Management Fellowship

2 weeks courses are accredited with 36 CME credit hours by State Medical Council

didactice lecture at pain fellowship course It is a two weeks Aesculap Academy pain management fellowship where stresses has been given to the practical aspect of interventional pain management and there are hands-on mannequin practice sessions during the course. Syllabus has been designed in such a way so that participants are well trained in Interventionaal Pain Procedures and can start practice after returning back.

Eligibility: Applicant must be a medical graduate (MBBS/MD) from any recognized university. He must have completed one year residency from a recognized Hospital in the following disciplines: Anaesthesiology, Orthopaedics, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Neurosurgery, and General Medicine. Desirable: Post-graduate degree/diploma in the above disciplines.

Schedule: This pain fellowship is arranged most frequently, 6 times in a year. The date of commencement, details of course & course fees are announced well in advance.

Course fee & Registration: Click here
Course fee includes working lunch during pain fellowship program & course materials. Free hostel is available on first come first served basis.

Special hands-on-mannequin workshop for 2 weeks course participants:
Hands on workshop on mannequin under c-arm are organised on few days during this pain management fellowship program. Interventions of back pain are highlighted. Its mandatory that all participants learn and do the following interventions indipendently:
Facet Joint inj
Medial branch block
Sacro-iliac joint inj
Trans-foraminal/ Selective nerve root inj/ Dorsal root ganglion inj
Lumber sympathetic block
Intra-discal procedure
Sacral nerve root inj
Caudal epidural block
Celiac plexus block
Stellate ganglion block
Suprascapular Nerve Block
Ganglion Impar block

Details of course:
Schedule described below is just an outline of pain fellowship program. Actual schedule is likely to be little different according to availability of cases.

Day 1
Reporting & Registration, Pre-course Evaluation, Pain Pathways, Types of pain, Neuropathic pain- pathophysiology, diagnosis & management, Pharmacotherapy of pain, Evaluation of back pain, Radiation safety & Fluroscopic anatomy of spine.

Day 2
OPD, Workshop on C-arm guided pain interventions (transforaminal), USG guided pain procedures (shoulder), Facet & SI arthropathy, Examination of patients with Back pain, Myofascial pain syndrome, Spondyolisthesis.

Day 3
OPD, Workshop on C-arm guided pain interventions (facet intraarticular & medial branch block), USG guided pain procedures (upper limb), OA knee, Examination of knee, Diagnosis and Treatment of RA, Diagnosis and treatment of Spondyloarthropathy.

Day 4
OPD, Workshop on C-arm guided pain interventions (SI joint inj), USG guided pain procedures (knee), Common Shoulder pain, Cervicogenic Headache, Diagnosis and Treatment Fibromyalgia.

Day 5
OPD, Workshop on C-arm guided pain interventions (Caudal, S1 nerve root inj), USG guided pain procedures (neck/stellate), Neck pain & examination of neck, Examination of shoulder, Acupuncture.

Day 6
OPD, Workshop on C-arm guided pain interventions (Lumbar Sympathetic, Rami Communicants block), Common Headache and Classification, Cluster Headache, Migraine.

Day 7
LIVE CASES DEMONSTRATION, Doubt clearing on live cases, common hand and leg pain, Examination of Hand and leg, Palliative care in cancer pain.

Day 8
OPD, Workshop on C-arm guided pain interventions, (Discography), Cancer Pain Management, Celiac Plexus & Superior Hypogastric, Stellate & T2-T3 sympathetic.

Day 9
OPD, Workshop on C-arm guided pain interventions (Cervical Facet, Trigeminal), Trigeminal Neuralgia, Vertebroplasty, Spinal cord Stimulator.

Day 10
OPD, Workshop on C-arm guided pain interventions (Sphenopalatine, Thoracic Facet), CRPS, Psychological evaluation in pain, Herpetic pain & PHN.

Day 11
Theory exam, Evaluation of Practical skills of participants, Class on physical therapy & exercises.

Day 12
Doubt Clearing, Q & A, Meditation & pain management, Certificate Distribution.

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