Daradia: The pain clinic feels your pain & sufferings. Located at Kolkata, India it has the facilities of diagnosis, treatment, research and training on pain management. Our patients suffer from headache, neck and back pain, knee pain, cancer pain etc. due to migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, arthritis, slipped disc, spondylosis, spondylitis, cancer etc. We use interventional pain management methods... radio-frequency procedures, spinal cord stimulation, Percutaneous Discectomy, vertebroplasty, Epiduroscopy, Ozone Therapy etc.   More...


2 weeks courses at Daradia are accredited with 36 CME credit points by State Medical Council

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Pain Management Course @ Indonesia
Daradia: The Pain Clinic has organized 3-4 Pain courses/workshops per year in association with Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Indonesia since 2011 exclusively for Indonesian doctors. For the next course for Indonesian doctors contact at daradiapainclinic@gmail.com


They came for pain management courses at Daradia, India: Few comments
Dr. Edwin S Kulubya- California, USA: It is an excellent course. I was able to master many techniques & improve my command of important aspects of Pain Management...
Dr. Eva Dickinson- Denton, MD, USA: The course was great and informative...
Dr. Anthony Josheph E.- Queensland, Australia: Very good & practical course for new as well as for senior pain specialists. I recommend this course.
Dr. Koti S. R.- Qatar: I am sure this course is no way less than so called international conferences.
Dr. A.I.B. Gazali- Taiping, Malaysia: Excellent course..reduced my fear to start interventions.
Dr. C. Turk- Istanbul, Turkey: Expectations are fulfilled more than enough, very happy & satisfied.
Dr. M. Zan-Saudi Arabia: Great experience & excellent learning atmosphere at Daradia.
Dr. Md. Al-Tamini- Oman: Daradia has established a wonderful & very impressive course on pain.
Dr. A. Romano- Venezuela: Wonderful course..I shall remember for ever..
Dr. Md El Masry- Egypt: Fantastic course, very good and informative..
Dr. Peter Tisovsky- Slovakia: Excellent course, I would definitely recommend...
Dr. B. N. Nabi- Iran: Excellent course..came here twice, I preferred India than Europe to learn pain.
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Best Pain Clinic
Daradia: The Pain Clinic received "Best Pain Clinic" award by ISSP (Indian chapter of International Association for the Study of Pain) at Chandigarh at Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research in Feb 2011. Governor of Himachal Pradesh, India, Her Excellency Urmila Singh awarded certificate and trophy. It was the first time and only once in the history of Pain Medicine in India.


Excellence in Pain Practice
Daradia: The Pain Clinic has been awarded Excellence in Pain Practice award for Multidisciplinary Clinical Pain Practice by World Institute of Pain (WIP) based on our pain centerís achievements as mentioned in WIP's letter dated 6th Jan, 2011.. "This professional designation is being conferred, because your pain center excels in areas of pain medical practice deemed by WIP to be synonymous with a multidisciplinary pain practice, based on your pain centerís achievements in clinical pain practice, training programs for physicians and non-physician personnel, and clinical and basic science research; with special qualifications for your pain centerís impact on the specialty of pain practice in local, national, and international networks." It was first time in Asia and till now only once in India. No other pain clinic in India has achieved this award too.


Pain Management Training/ Courses
Pain management is a relatively new branch in medicine and is growing very fast. But pain fellowship & training facilities are not easily available all around the world. At Daradia these facilities are available. Doctors from different specialties from all over the World have been benefited from our courses.

Our all courses are directed and continuously supervised by Dr. Gautam Das MD, FIPP. He is currently Chief Executive Editor of Indian Journal of Pain, which is the official journal of ISSP (Indian chapter of Internation Association for Study of Pain.)

Ozone Therapy
Daradia is one of the oldest centers to start Ozone therapy. Apart from pain management many other conditions (like: Parkinsonism, Stroke, Psoriasis, Cancer, AIDS etc.) can be treated with ozone therapy.


Meet Doctors who did course at Daradia
Look at these video-interview of doctors who came at DARADIA for their training in pain management. Some doctors later passed FIPP as well.
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ICRA-PAIN '15 was grand success. Don't miss 2nd edition of ICRA-PAIN at Kolkata from 26-28 Aug 2016 to update on recent advances in pain.

Awards by Daradia
After an overwhelming start of 'Pain physician of the year' award at Kolkata-India, we are inviting nominations for 2013-14. Send nominations for you or other two at awards@daradia.com for you and/or others with CV mentioning your qualification, publications etc.

Books by Daradia
Daradia is constantly innovating the learning process of pain management techniques. It is reflected in its pain management book publication too. You may order book on pain at info@daradia.com or call at +91 33 65555507.

Successful Events:
Our Director Dr. Gautam Das became The Chief Editor of Indian Journal of Pain which is the official journal of ISSP (India chapter of IASP/ International Association for the Study of Pain) from 2012-1015.
Our Director Dr. Gautam Das was Chairman of Indian, Pakistan & Iran chapter of World Institute of Pain from 2007-2013.
Daradia Pain Clinic was the scientific partner of 7th South Asian Regional Pain Society Congress at Ahmedabad, India 22-24 Aug 2014 which was a grand success.
Daradia was invited as scientific co-partner by Iranian Society for Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management at their first International congress from 15-17 Sept 2010.
Daradia was scientific partner od 1st & 2nd International Conference on Interventional Pain Management at Chennai(Sept'11) & Delhi(Aug'12).

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