Pain Management

We use interventional pain management methods… radio-frequency procedures, spinal cord stimulation, Percutaneous Discectomy, vertebroplasty, Epiduroscopy, Ozone Nucleolysis etc.

  • We are a team of doctors & support group different disciplines specialized & dedicated in pain management. Regularly scheduled “Interdisciplinary Pain Team board” conferences promote the most efficient use of the patient’s treatment sessions and a quicker and more complete recovery.
  • We want to provide services to the sufferers of different kinds of pain with the help of the most modern modalities of pain management.
  • We also want to blend the traditional Indian methods, which are recognized in the field of pain management (like meditation, yoga, pranayam etc.)
  • We want to provide services that are affordable to the most.
  • The modalities of treatment are similar and comparable to any pain clinic/pain management centers around the world.
  • We are engaged in research & training of future pain management specialists.